Saturday, November 28, 2009


Monday my math teacher was absent for the second day in a row. Teachers not showing up in not an uncommon expirience so we didn't think much of it until another teacher came in to inform us that our math teacher in in the hostpital with cholera. Earlier this week a student was absent from English, the teacher asked why a friend responded that she was out sick with hepatitis. On both occasions I was shocked by the normaliciy of the whole situation, students expressed their desire for a friend to be healthy and life continued. Imagining my friends reactions, in my school if they were informed that a fellow student was out sick with hepatitis is shockingly different. We all live in the nicer parts of Lima, families that can send their daughters to private schools can also afford clean water and disease free foods. These are people living in apartments and houses in clean areas and they are getting sanitation related diseases. Where I come from people don't get sick with hepatitis or cholera, and if they did we would all be shocked. At my school when someone needs to invent an illness to skip school they claim to have a cold, in Lima people claim to have diarrhea.

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  1. This is a thoughtful reflection on health issues. Nicely done!